Key Findings

In 2001, in the South West:

  • Domestic tourists made 24.4 million trips to the region, and overseas tourists made 1.9 million trips, totalling 105 million bednights.
  • Tourists spent an estimated £4,535 million.
  • Over 16,000 accommodation establishments were in operation, of which 60% were Bed & Breakfasts.
  • Tourist accommodation consumed 4,512 GWh of energy.
    • This could be reduced to 2,707 GWh by adopting energy saving measures.
    • Energy use would increase to 9,723 GWh, if the season extends and tourist numbers increase without adoption of energy saving measures.
  • Tourist accommodation generated an estimated 120,000 tonnes of waste, of which:
    • 32,620 tonnes was recycled (27%).
    • 45% went to landfill.
  • Tourists travelled an estimated 9.8 billion kilometres to and from the region.
    • 91% was by car, and 4% by train for domestic visitors,
    • 76% was by air for overseas visitors.
  • Tourists consumed an estimated 26,109 million litres of water in all types of accommodation, an average of 394 litres of water per guest bednight.