List of Tables

  • Table 1: The national footprint account for the UK, using 1999 data
  • Table 2: An example analysis for the footprint of average UK car travel, per pass-km
  • Table 3: CO2 emissions from the use of different energy sources
  • Table 4: Calculating the brown grid electricity conversion factor
  • Table 5: Estimates for embodied energy in food
  • Table 6: Calculation of beef and veal import conversion factors
  • Table 7: Carbon dioxide emissions per passenger-kilometre, by mode
  • Table 8: Calculation of the air transport conversion factor
  • Table 9: Calculation of the water supply conversion factor
  • Table 10: Calculation of the built land conversion factor
  • Table 11: South West area types, by hectares, with associated UK yield factors
  • Table 12: Estimated B&B consumption and resulting ecological footprint