Emissions to air

Main data sources

  • AEA Technology UK Emissions of Air Pollutants 1970 to 2001 (Dore et. al., 2003)
  • National Air Emissions Inventory Data Warehouse website (NAEI)
  • Biffa Great Britain Plc: The Environmental Balance Sheet (Biffa, 1997)

Data availability and quality

UK Emissions of Air Pollutants 1970 to 2001 (Dore et. al., 2003) reported 25 different kinds of emissions for England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and Great Britain. Further regional breakdowns were not available.

Great Britain Plc (Biffa, 1997) provided information on the different sources (sectors) of emissions to air in the South West. Emissions were attributed to: agriculture, domestic activities, landfilling, other industries, industrial activities, transport and other sources.

Calculation and proxy measures used

Regional emissions were factored using economic data for domestic and industrial activity. For example, according to Econ-I (University of Plymouth, 2003), the South West had 16% of Great Britain's primary industrial activities such as mining and quarrying, and 14% of GB's employees in these industries. Using Econ-I as a source for proxy factors for all SIC industries, NAEI's emissions data was scaled to South West level. Biffa data for emissions by sector (Biffa, 1997) was scaled down using similar proxy factors.

Data recommendations

  • NAEI data would be valuable reported at a regional as well as national level.
  • Some of the data presented on emissions by source was outdated. It would be useful if this could be updated, especially as emissions to air are becoming more important in sustainability reporting.