Appendix 1

European Common Indicators Programme (ECIP)

The European Common Indicators Programme (ECIP) is a monitoring initiative focused on sustainability at the local level. A partnership of different organisations and levels are working together, in a joint effort to find comparable data and a better understanding of sustainability in local communities across Europe. Ten common local sustainability indicators were identified through a bottom-up process. Used in combination with other indicators and other evaluation methods, the European Common Indicators can contribute to a comprehensive local or regional monitoring strategy.

Over 100 local and regional authorities have so far signed the adoption agreement and are now testing the indicators, and refining the monitoring initiative based on practical experiences.

Support services are provided to participating authorities during the testing phase: technical support (scientific expertise, helpdesk, workshops, etc.), methodological development, pilot activities on the ecological footprint, good practice collection and exchange, dissemination activities, evaluation, reporting, recommendations and guidelines.

For further information on the ECIP programme visit or see Lewan & Simmons (2001).