Land use

The South West covers a total physical land area of 2.3 million hectares (ha) of which half is grassland. Arable and horticulture take 23% of the total land area, while 10% is urban or built up areas. Figure 19 summarises land cover in the South West, in 2001.

The built land ecological footprint for the South West in 2001 was 0.26 gha per person, and accounted for 5% of a South West resident's total ecological footprint.

The built land component includes all areas that have been built on, for example houses, roads or industrial sites. Land used for commercial and industrial activities had the largest impact, at 46% of the built land ecological footprint.

For more detail on land use, see the Resource Flow Report and Ecological Footprint Report.

Figure 19
Land cover in the South West, in 2001

fig 19

Source: ONS, 2001a