Summary report

Stepping Forward results are presented in a series of separate reports, each providing detail on a different aspect of the project. The Summary Report draws together key findings from the whole project.

This study has examined South West activities and their environmental impacts, under the headings of seven main themes or components. Each component is discussed here in terms of consumption, ecological footprint and associated CO2 emissions, along with any other significant issues. Scenarios for some components examine the effects of changes such as new technology, potential future consumption and the implementation of current government targets of reduction. They take current national and regional targets and best practice into consideration.

The components covered are:

  • Energy
  • Materials, products and waste
  • Food
  • Transport
  • Water
  • Land use
  • Emissions to air.

The results presented here are just an overview of findings from the project. For a more in-depth analysis and methodology description, please see the individual reports.


pdfYou can also download this report as a PDF (1Mb).