£ Pound Stirling
˚C Degrees Celsius
AEAT AEA Technology
BGS British Geological Survey
BFF Best Foot Forward Ltd.
C&D Construction & Development
C&I Commercial & Industrial
CAA Civil Aviation Authority
CHP Combined heat & power
CO2 Carbon dioxide
CPU Central processing unit
CIRIA Construction Industry Research & Information Association
CREM Consultancy & Research for Environmental Management
DEFRA Department of Environment, Food & Rural Affairs
DfT Department for Transport
DTI Department of Trade & Industry
EC European Community
ECIP European Common Indicators Programme
ECONI An integrated economic information system for the South West, University of Plymouth
EEBPP Energy Efficiency Best Practice Program (now known as Envirowise)
EfW Energy from Waste
ESD Energy for Sustainable Development
EST Energy Saving Trust
EU European Union
FTE Full-time equivalent
g Grammes
GDP Gross Domestic Product
gha Global hectares
GVA Gross Value Added
GJ Gigajoules
GOSW Government Office for the South West
GWh Gigawatt hour
ha Hectare
HM Her Majesty's
IEA International Energy Agency
km Kilometre
KWh KiloWatt hour
l Litre
m 2 Square metre
m 3 Cubic metre
M l Megalitre
MSW Municipal Solid Waste
MWh MegaWatt hour
NAEI National Air Emissions Inventory
NFU National Farmers Union
ODPM Office of the Deputy Prime Mnister
OFWAT Office of Water Services
ONS Office for National Statistics
pass -km Passenger kilometre
ProdCom Products of the European Community
PV Photovoltaics
RPG Regional Planning Guidance
SIC Standard Industrial Classification
SITC Standard International Trade Classification
Sq. m. Square metre
Sq. km. Square kilometre
SWRA South West Regional Assembly
SWRDA South West Regional Development Agency
SWRRG South West Regional Research Group
t Tonne
TCA Total Carbon Audit
UK United Kingdom
WBCSD World Business Council for Sustainable Development
WEAF West of England Aerospace Forum
WEEE Waste electrical & electronic equipment