The South West and other UK, European and US regions

There have been many ecological footprint analyses undertaken for countries and regions over the past few years. However, not all of these are methodologically compatible with this study, which adopts recommendations made by Lewan & Simmons (2001) for the European Common Indicators Programme (see Appendix 1) and is directly compatible with the National Footprint Accounts (Redefining Progress, 2002). For this reason, only ecological footprints using the same methodology are compared here with the South West's footprint.

Figure 9 shows a South West resident's total ecological footprint in comparison to other UK, European and USA regions. In this group, the largest ecological footprint was 8.77 gha per person in Marin County, USA and the lowest was 3.84 gha per person in Italy.

Figure 9
Comparing a South West resident's ecological footprint with those from other UK regions, European countries and USA regions

fig 9

Sources: BFF, 2003 and Redefining Progress, 2002